The need for functional Evidence-Based Trainings is at an all-time high with shrinking resources and increasing demand for measurable outcomes.  IFIOC was established to increase availability of quality training, consultation, and resources regarding Motivational Interviewing.  With the IFIOC Director, Lead Trainer, and support staff originally associated with Washington State University’s Institute for Mental Health Research and Training, all of the trainings were developed with research and fidelity at the forefront.    IFIOC developed a niche in the world of MI trainers by tailoring training series that demonstrate improved outcomes for individuals, professionals, and organizations.  

IFIOC believes there are numerous qualified and competent Motivational Interviewing trainers from which to choose.  We distinguish ourselves by providing highly engaging, fidelity-based MI trainings that infuse adult learning and are tailored to the needs of the participants while targeting sustained learning and skills.

Having partnered with numerous public, private, and governmental agencies both large and small, we are dedicated to providing the training, technical assistance, consultation, and supports to ensure each project is a success.  This embodiment of collaboration and integrity is infused in IFIOC's Values statement.

Our Team


To be respected and sought after for improving outcomes for individuals, professionals, and organizations.



Provide cutting edge and research-based Motivational Interviewing training and services tailored to the needs of individuals, professionals, and leaders in the areas of health, behavioral health, corrections, employment, and government.



IFIOC invests in our own personal and professional growth to continuously improve the quality and integrity of the services we provide.

IFIOC works collaboratively in loyal partnership to improve the quality of life for individuals, professionals, organizations, and the people and communities they serve.