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Motivational Interviewing - Fast-Paced, Deep-Dive, Cutting-Edge

Are you ready to orient, or re-orient yourself to what MI has to offer you and those you serve, all in a single day!? If you are interested, strap-in for much learning, retrieving the learning, apply it with practice, and discussing where you're brain is at and what would be helpful from there. The 4 process of MI will set the structure of the course; however, the group will shape where to guide the training in terms of what quality of each process to dive deeper into.

If you attended the Saturday one-day training last year in January, this will be a crash course in all of it and then some even more cutting edge new material! If you have not been introduced to MI before, then you will learn much about it and how to embody key intentions and strategies in empowering others.

Even if you have been through MI training, the research shows that it takes practice with feedback to actually be doing "Motivational Interviewing," so there is still much to be gained. If interested in truly providing MI to get the outcomes associated with MI, see this FREE PDF for what it takes to actually learn MI - and/or contact for steps to receiving coaching.

$149/person for this extended day.