YOU make Case for Change = They tend to DEFEND Staying Same

  • Time Concerns of Motivational Interviewing are addressed - 15min vs. 15yrs
  • Example of our investment in change being more than patient's/client's is a universal Motivational Interviewing concept to be aware of
  • This specific example is with an MD and long-term smoking patient with no intention to quite

Dental Health Compare and Contrast Demonstration


Traditional Approach: See video above.

Motivational Interviewing Approach: 

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Compare Contrast of how not to do MI compared to more of an MI-type approach, though NOT full-on, “pure” MI

  •  How to do MI in dental healthcare example w/patient in pre-contemplation about smoking cessation

Changing Oral Health to Keep Kids Cavity Free with Motivational Interviewing

DUTCH video example of presumably at least “competent” to “proficient” MI

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  • Motivational interviewing is a technique aimed to patients in conversation going. This movie is part of a series of films about the dental care hygienist who Steverink-Jorna has put on YouTube.