Motivational interviewing for probation staff: Increasing the readiness to change.

Clark, M.M. (2005). Federal Probation, 69, 22-28. [Part One of a Two Part Series] Complete article:

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  • "Externally-imposed compliance is the least enduring type of change, with negative behavior returning once the coercive force is withdrawn."
  • "Since offenders will come to us as villains or victims, we need to move beyond these limiting views to see offenders with a third lens—as capable and as a resource in the process of change. This "third lens" as pro-posed by Bazemore & Terry corresponds with a motivational approach (middle ground) that lies between the extremes of "tough" and "soft.""

Perspective of Motivational Interviewing in Management (in Danish)

  • Presentation of new book on motivation in management: Aim for motivation - 'motivational interviewing' in Management by Pernille Erchsen

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  • Hear authors Pernille Erichsen and Michael Tolstrup talk about how you as a leader can promote motivation in your workplace.
  • The book 'Aim for motivation' provides an educated guess as to how to fix 'motivation challenge' in practice.The book introduces you to the internationally recognized and evidence-based approach MotivationalInterviewing (MI) in a managerial context and shows how through simple handle can control the conversationin a direction that promotes motivation of your employees and how you can take care of your own motivation.
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