January 2017 Recommended Reading List

Motivational Interviewing- Third Edition- Helping People Change 

This is a great book for those who want both the basics and the elevator view on MI and its application. Miller and Rollnick provide a comprehensive view of the MI processes, day-to-day application considerations, as well as fundamental research outcomes.  This is a bookthat I periodically come back to time after time for review.  I recommend this book to many of my trainee's when they ask for a good MI book!!!

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Motivational Interviewing: A Guidebook for Beginners 2nd Edition

This ebook is the single-most simple, succinct, yet significant source of MI information that I know of! It’s short and can be read quickly. Matulich provides concrete examples and helpful ways of organizing the MI approach in a way that’s easy to keep in mind and harness when interacting with your interviewee or trainees. From professionals trained in MI, to students who have never been exposed to MI, all have benefited from reading this book to get down the fundamentals of MI in a way that simplifies the process for practicing. Many have reported that it helps them make better sense of the overall MI approach and when to integrate various techniques more or less often. Once this foundation of thinking from the book has been established in the mind of the MI practitioner, there seems to be better ease of integrating more nuanced aspects of MI from that point forward. - John Gilbert

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Building Motivational Interviewing Skills & practitioner workbook

The Building Motivational Interviewing Skills book is a great resource for individuals and groups that are looking for activities and exercises to increase their skills"  After individuals receive MI training they are usually hungry to continue building their skills.  After they get back into their lives and offices they then ask themselves - now what do I do?   This is a great book to answer that question...  I recommend this book for those who want to find exercises and activities that they can do on their own or with others to continue their journey of practicing and building their skills.  

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What it Really Takes to Learn the Foundational Best- Practice for Motivation & Change: Myth-Busting the Motivational Interviewing Learning Process

This is an article written by John Gilbert of IFIOC.

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