Video Excerpts of "The Method of Motivational Interviewing" Seminar with Stephen Rollnick

  1. Simple Reflection vs. Complex Reflection, including understated vs. overstated reflections
  2. Reflections not just what has been said per se, but reflections that consider change

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1. Style and Spirit of MI in relation to traditional methods

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1.How to non-confrontationally asking for permission

           2.Skillful, simple, and curious ways to walk through ambivalence with little resistance

              Skillfulness = “A few simple words are worth more than many mouthfuls of busy talk”

“What else have you noticed?” = Key, simple, and effective sentence stem/go-to question

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1.How do you know when to start using MI?

2.What to do when you don’t know what to do?

                                               Remain neutral with reflections = get you out of most difficulties

Ask client what they really want, leaning toward change talk