Motivational Interviewing in Many Different Professional Feilds

Dr. Jonathan Fader – Overview of Stages of Change, Motivational Interviewing PPT, & MI Skills (many different examples from different fields)

  • Be most effective and decrease your stress simultaneously
  • What MI is and isn’t
  • Stages of Change w/Obese Patient Example
  • Righting Reflex
  • 1st Step is Empathy (How they Feel) = clinical outcomes and not getting sued
  • Different than just client-centered via discrepency focus w/curiousity = fundamental difference than just empathy, with them arguing for change, while you support self-efficacy w/affirmation
  • Job isn’t to contradict their beliefes; rather find or elicit any language in direction of change (inherent beleife that everyone has at least one reason for change to elicit—why would they…what’s important to them)
  • When they are ready is when we give advice in MI-adherent way
  • People & and adolscents especially have a “BS-meter” of genuineness of affirmations
  • Examples of Reflections…
  • Summaries are great way to keep relationship and keep discussion focused to change so our feelings of “opening a can of worms su
  • As professionals, we got to eat our broccoli (express empathy) before we eat our dessert (focus on change talk and give advice in MI-adherent manner)
  • MI is one of the most important aspects of being a healer